HGIH is proud to unveil its latest graphic design that challenges societal norms and consumerism. Drawing inspiration from the renowned streetwear brand Essentials and its iconic Fear of God collection, Hgih's new graphic boldly depicts the financial burden faced by Gen Z when purchasing essential items.

In today's fast-paced consumer culture, Gen Z, the generation born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, often finds itself navigating a world where buying basic necessities leaves a gaping hole in their pockets. Hgih's innovative graphic serves as a visual representation of this pressing issue, sparking conversations about the economic challenges faced by young individuals.

The graphic design features a striking image that showcases a statement which says DO YOU FEAR GOD? because its literally called Fear of God and its so expensive for the Gen Z, still they buy it because streetwear fashion has taken over every other fashion at the moment. In our Design however, instead of a smooth, cohesive fabric, the image displays a distinct hole in the pocket area of each item. This hole symbolizes the financial strain that Gen Z faces when purchasing these essential clothing items, which are often associated with high price tags and brand exclusivity.


By referencing the iconic Fear of God collection from Essentials, Hgih pays homage to a brand that has revolutionized streetwear. However, Hgih takes this homage a step further by infusing the design with a thought-provoking twist, challenging the status quo and questioning the socio-economic implications of streetwear culture.

HGIH firmly believes that fashion can be a powerful medium for social commentary and aims to foster a community that advocates for sustainable and inclusive practices within the fashion industry. 

With its new graphic design, Hgih invites individuals to reflect on their own consumer habits and the impact of their purchasing decisions. By shedding light on the financial burden faced by Gen Z, Hgih hopes to inspire change, encouraging young people to prioritize financial responsibility and make informed choices.

As Hgih continues to push boundaries in the streetwear space, it remains committed to creating thought-provoking designs that challenge the status quo. By combining style, social commentary, and a commitment to inclusivity, Hgih aims to carve out its unique place in the streetwear industry, influencing a new wave of conscious consumers.

Join Hgih in its mission to redefine streetwear, empower Gen Z, and create a more inclusive and financially conscious fashion culture. Together, we can turn the spotlight on societal issues and drive positive change within the industry.

 DISCLAIMER : This design is merely art made by the brand with no intention of harming anybody's emotions, any kind of disrespect is not involved.

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