Hgih x Ducati Legacy Oversized Design Collection


The worlds of fashion and motorsports collide in a thrilling collaboration between Hgih, Pune's renowned streetwear clothing brand, and Legacy Motors Ducati Pune, a prominent motorbike manufacturing company. This joint venture unveils an exclusive collection of oversized T-shirts that seamlessly blend the distinctive aesthetics and identities of both brands. Combining Hgih's urban streetwear appeal with Ducati's high-performance legacy, this collaboration captures the essence of speed, style, and urban culture.

Design Concept

The oversized T-shirt design fuses elements from Hgih and Ducati, resulting in a visually captivating and unique product. The collaboration features a limited-edition collection, ensuring exclusivity and desirability for streetwear enthusiasts and motorcycle aficionados alike. Each T-shirt combines the iconic logos, graphics, and brand colors of Hgih and Ducati, resulting in a powerful visual representation of the partnership.

Symbolism and Brand Identity

The Hgih x Ducati collaboration showcases the shared values and spirit of both brands. Hgih, known for its edgy urban designs, brings its artistic flair and street credibility to the collection. Ducati, a brand synonymous with speed and innovation, brings its timeless elegance and racing heritage to the collaboration. The oversized T-shirts symbolize the fusion of urban fashion and high-performance machinery, celebrating the freedom of expression and the thrill of the open road.

Quality and Comfort

The collaborative T-shirts prioritize both style and comfort, ensuring an exceptional wearer experience. Crafted from high-quality materials, the oversized shirts boast superior softness and durability. The loose-fitting design provides a relaxed and contemporary look, while the premium construction ensures long-lasting wearability.

Limited Edition Release

To enhance the exclusivity and desirability of the collaboration, the oversized T-shirts are released as a limited edition collection. This strategy adds an element of rarity and uniqueness, appealing to collectors and fashion enthusiasts seeking distinctive and coveted pieces. The limited availability also reinforces the collaboration's status as a sought-after partnership between two iconic brands.

Launch and Availability

The Hgih x Ducati oversized T-shirt collection will be launched through a series of carefully curated events, pop-up shops, and online channels. This multi-channel approach aims to create buzz and excitement among the target audience, ensuring accessibility and engagement. The collaboration will be available in select locations globally, allowing fans from around the world to embrace the fusion of streetwear fashion and motorcycle culture.


The collaborative oversized T-shirt collection from Hgih and Ducati represents a thrilling fusion of streetwear aesthetics and motorcycle heritage. Through the creative combination of Anime inspired bike elements, and an amazing color palate this limited-edition collection encapsulates the shared values and unique identities of both brands. As fashion enthusiasts and motorcycle aficionados come together to embrace this partnership, the Hgih x Ducati collaboration marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of streetwear and its intersections with diverse industries.

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